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Found Not Guilty After Trial Driving While Impaired Criminal Defense

Judge found the state lacked probable cause to arrest the Defendant after arguments by counsel, and the state dismissed the case.

  • Driving Privilege Restored Permanent Revocation of Driver's License Criminal Defense

    After a permanent revocation of a client’s driver’s license by the Department of Motor Vehicles for Driving While Impaired our attorneys argued for reinstatement of the client’s privilege to drive in front of a hearing officer. The client was allowed to restore his privilege and is back able to drive to work.

  • Restraining Order Denied Restraining Order Criminal Defense
    Restraining order successfully defended against and denied to the Plaintiff after hearing.
  • Case Dismissed Before Trial by the State Driving While Impaired Criminal Defense
    Driving While Impaired
  • Six Figure Settlement Multiple Families Killed In Car Accident Personal Injury

    Car accident in which multiple family members in the same vehicle were hit head on by a teen driver. The case settled for six figures prior to having to file any litigation.

  • Six Figure Settlement Hit & Killed by Drunk Driver Personal Injury

    Client was hit and killed by a drunk driver. After filing a lawsuit for the estate our attorneys argued and settled the case prior to trial for six figures.

  • Case Dismissed Statutory Rape Criminal Defense

    Statutory rape charges dismissed. Client was charged with allegedly having sex with a minor. We effectively fought to have the case dismissed prior to trial.

  • Substantial Sum Negotiated Non-Edible Substance Given Personal Injury

    Our client was given a non-edible substance in her order from a fast-food establishment. Our attorney negotiated with the insurance company for a substantial sum to cover her lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering before litigation.

  • Charges Dismissed Drug Trafficking Criminal Defense

    Client was charged with Trafficking Heroin, Trafficking Methamphetamine, and Trafficking MDA. We effectively fought to have the charges dismissed prior to trial and the charges expunged from the client’s record.

  • Remained In School | Graduated w/ Honors High School Student Expelled

    Client was a high school student being expelled for allegedly having a gun in a vehicle at school After a school board hearing and arguments by counsel our client was allowed to remain at the school and ultimately graduated with honors.

  • Case Dismissed Assault Criminal Defense
    Assault on a female, dismissed before trial.